What To Eat And Drink In Prague

A lot of our time in Prague was spent searching for food - very typical of us! I had a list of foods that I wanted to try and very fortunately managed to tick most of them off.

#1: Nakládaný hermelín

It's hermelin cheese (a soft cheese that tastes a little like camembert) marinated with herbs and spices in lots of oil. It was so delicious but I couldn't stop wondering what was going on in my arteries..

#2: Svíčková na smetaně

This is one of the most popular main meals in Czech Republic - beef sirloin served with cranberries, whipped cream and bread dumplings. My first thought - where are the vegetables? Well, there aren't meant to be any. This dish wasn't for me as I found every component too rich or filling, how anyone finishes the bread dumplings is a wonder to me!

#3: Tatarský biftek

I was really brave on the first night and ordered steak tartare for dinner! While waiting for the food to come, I really thought I was going to regret it, but hey, it wasn't as bad as I'd thought! It definitely helped that the meat was really fresh, and there were lots of condiments to flavour (perhaps mask, in my case?) it. The toasted bread that came with it was really yummy as well.  

#4: Kulajda

A simple soup made with potatoes, dill, egg and mushroom. Thick and delicious, especially for a colder day!

#5: Koleno

Roast pork knuckle is also another popular dish, thought I found it a little bit too tasty / salty, and those bread dumplings again, I felt full just by looking at them!

#6: Trdelník

Trdelník is a form of sweet pastry grilled on a hot stick, giving it a hollow structure. While it isn't uniquely Czech, you will see them sold in many little stalls in Prague. They are so simple but so delicious, I enjoyed mine as is and also with some chocolate sauce!

#7: Medovnik

This heavenly little thing is a honey cake constructed from many, many layers and it is oh so delicious. Sweet, soft, crumbly, ahhhh, I want another slice as I'm typing this! It took us ages to find someplace that served it, but eventually we found the beautiful Kavárna Obecní dům. There are lots of other sweets to choose from, so be warned! I now realise that this is the original of the one that I had in Perth years ago

#8: Palačinka

We had breakfast one morning at Národní Kavárna and it was amazing. I had these warm sweet pancakes simply dusted with cinnamon sugar and it was one of the best breakfasts I had ever had. 

#9: Krupicová kaša

Hubby ordered a semolina porridge with cocoa and butter at the same place, and he loved it so much to the point that he asked me if I could make it at home. Guess I'd better get my hands on some semolina!

#10: Chlebíčky 

These are open sandwiches, usually lathered with butter and then topped with all sorts of delicious things - pickles, eggs, cold cuts, whatever. We had them at Golden Cross Deli, where we got to devour them standing up at counters amongst lots of other customers. I definitely recommend a visit to this deli - there were so many things to choose from!

#11: Bramboráky 

A simple grated potato pancake but yummy all the same!

#12: Kofola

I know beer is huge in Czech Republic but let's not forget some of the other beverages too. Kofola is a soft drink similar to Coca-Cola, and I'm not sure if it was just because I was on holiday, but I thought it tasted way better!

#13: Medovina

On our way up to Karlštejn Castle we sampled some warm mead / honey wine on the way, and we loved it so much hubby decided it was worth it to lug two bottles of it for the entire 7 hour hike. We still have a bottle sitting in our cupboard, can't wait to pop it open!

The only two things that I didn't get to try was koláče (sweet fruit pastry) and smažený sýr (fried cheese), I'm hoping with some luck I can find them in Melbourne!

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