Prague, Czech Republic

Last stop - Prague. At this stage, we were feeling a little exhausted from the train rides - this time we managed to get seats from our journey from Vienna to Prague, but we had to sit through an hour's delay. We were ready to take it easy for the rest of the trip!

Where We Stayed

We stayed in Hotel Residence Spalena, which had a great location - walkable to many attractions, shops and public transport. It was clean and affordable, but unfortunately, sound-proofing wasn't that great, and we were put off by other guests who were smoking on the balcony, despite smoking being prohibited on the grounds.

What We Did

I wasn't too fussed on catching all the must-see sights but the iconic Charles Bridge wasn't one I wanted to miss. Here's a tip - avoid the crowd and climb to the top of the Old Town Bridge Tower for amazing views. It's one of the those places that seem to be overlooked, and easily so as the entrance is a little hidden! We climbed to the top and there were only two other people there - we just sat there watching the sunset, soaking in the views. 

The next morning we spent some time exploring the Old Town. Pretty views but lots of people!

To be honest, our attention was mainly focused on finding delicious things to snack on - you can't miss trdelník, these stands are everywhere!

In the afternoon, we crossed the river and went for a walk around Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral. The best part was sitting on the side steps and sampling some local Czech cuisine and beer!

On our third day, we decided to go on a little day trip to Karlštejn for some hiking. We didn't really start till about an hour later, because we had such a great time checking out the shops along the way! We picked up some bottles of wine which we really, really enjoyed, but probably not the best idea before embarking on a 7 hour hike!

We tried to follow this route but after the waterfalls we got really lost. It was such a great feeling though, being in this beautiful place that we didn't know.

After a very long time we found ourselves walking along the main road to the colourful little village of Srbsko and boy, were we happy to see the train station at long last! Our hike ended up being over 7 hours but although it was really tiring, it was easily one of the best days we had!

What We Bought

#1: Bohemian Garnet

This beautiful red stone has always been one of the top souvenirs to bring back from Czech Republic. There's a lot of discussion out there about authenticity and pricing but I wasn't too fussed, just picked a trustworthy-looking shop and chose a design I liked. 

#2: Bohemia Crystal

Czech Republic is famous for their glassware! I brought a couple of lovely pieces for the home.

#3: Beauty products

We found a great shop called Manufaktura which was awesome for souvenir shopping - all are locally made products, from beauty products, to jewellery, homewares, toys, you name it. We bought things like beer shampoo (!), lip balms, handmade earrings and some homewares. 

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