Lucerne, Switzerland: What We Ate

Being a food lover, I naturally wanted to sample the fine foods that Lucerne had to offer. While there were some great dishes, we didn't get to try too many Switzerland specific dishes, and we often thought they weren't too great value. As with a lot of things, food was expensive there!

#1: Restaurant Wiederkehr

We visited this restaurant on our first night in Lucerne, still feeling a little fuzzy in head from all the travelling. There were lots of complimentary little starters to stimulate our appetite - my favourites were the sweet corn soup and the salmon plus horseradish lollipops!

For my entrée, I had the scampi soup with a touch of foam (seemed to be recurring theme throughout our meals in Lucerne). It was even served with a biscuit in the shape of one! The soup was lovely, rich but not overwhelming, with fresh chunks of scampi buried beneath. 

Hubby had the pork belly for his starter. 

For my main, I had the lamb entrecôte served with white and green asparagus. Lamb at Paringa still remains at the top of the list for me, but these came close. Juicy, tender and substantial!

Hubby ordered sole for his main - he had ordered without knowing what it was and was relieved when I told him it was a type of fish. It also came served with white and green asparagus. We later realised that it was in season in Europe and we saw it pop up at a lot of restaurants and markets!

 #2: Old Swiss House

We had dinner here on the second night of our stay, and I was really looking forward to it as I had read many good reviews. It turned out that I didn't have much of an appetite (perhaps I felt full looking at the prices?) so I ordered something lighter - lobster soup. It was rich and warm and absolutely delightful in the cold weather. I also ordered a mixed garden salad which was nothing to write home about. 

Hubby went all out and ordered the South African rock lobster with taglierini. Drizzled with a lobster sauce it tasted so luxurious and delicious! We weren't sure whether it was worth the AUD80 price tag though!

Our experience was dampened by the curt service that we received from some of the wait staff. No doubt that they were very busy, but a lot of their focus went to those who ordered the Wienerschnitzel, their house specialty that is cooked by the customer's table, and one particular staff member was quite unfriendly. A smile never hurts anyone!


I was really excited to try out STERN because I was very interested of their concept of serving meals in jars!

We ordered two starter jars (or shooting stars as they call it) to share - Swiss beef tartar with a brioche bun and homemade sugar pea soup. They were so yummy, I especially liked the soup because I have never had sugar peas in soup form before - very sweet and fragrant!

I chose to have the Swiss beef patties for my main. I could taste that the meat was of good quality, but it was so salty I could barely finish half. And I usually like salt, so that's saying something!

Hubby had the Swiss pork cutlet for his main.

The only dessert that really caught our eye was the elderflower sorbet and gosh it was so heavenly sweet. I wish elderflower is more prominent in food in Australia!

#4: Jeff's Burger

I originally had a booking at Burgerstube on our final night but cancelled it because we were craving something easy and straightforward. We found this place just an easy 5 to 10 minutes walk from our place so popped right in! I can't remember what hubby got but I had the 'Drilling' - which was three mini burgers of your choice. I chose to have the Italian, Texas and Chorizo (a new flavour) and they were pretty good, though the chorizo was the least exciting as it was pretty much a few slices of chorizo slapped onto a regular burger. The fries and onion rings were pretty yummy as well.

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