Packing, Packing, Packing

Yes! Hubby and I are heading to Europe for two weeks and packing remains the biggest challenge (apart from the 24 hour total flight time),

I used to be overzealous with packing, bringing along tons of clothing and countless pairs of shoes, and oh, who can forget the bags. Up till last year, I got a taste of travelling light for the first time and I have fallen in love with that comfort ever since.

This time, I've tried to be practical with my packing. It was very hard but anything that wasn't versatile enough to be worn with other pieces was out of the question. After rationalizing, my packing list looks like this:

3 x tops (for layering and doubling as sleepwear if required)
3 x jumpers / sweaters
3 x dresses
3 x bottoms (2 pairs of jeans and 1 skirt)
3 x jackets (1 denim / lightweight jacket, 1 coat, 1 down jacket for excursions)
2 x shoes (1 pair of ankle boots, 1 pair of hiking boots)
1 x bag

And of course all the other essentials like underwear and socks and hosiery.

I'm counting on these lovely booties from Madewell to see me through my trip! 

I think it looks pretty rational? There are at least 20 outfits that I can create from these pieces so I think I'm covered for the two weeks! 

I hope it will be a success, and who knows, maybe I'll even find that I still packed too much! (Will probably try to sneak in a couple more pieces in the last minute or two..)

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