The Little Things

Brought to you by Nuffnang and Circa Home

I'm quite guilty of putting myself in overdrive mode and forgetting to step out of it - do any of you guys have the same problem? It got to a point where I never really gave myself time to relax, because I thought that meant forgoing an opportunity to be productive which turned out to be, surprise surprise, counter-productive instead.

I recently started practising mindfulness and I really love how it has given me a fresh perspective. I've been learning to take care of myself more, do things that really matter to me, and be thankful for everything that I have.

It's so easy to get caught up in material things, and I admit that can be me a lot of the time. Really taking the time to think about what I'm really grateful for and writing it down made me realise that it's always about the people, and the experiences.

So I've been focusing on the little things that I often take for granted. Reading a book. Having long chats with family and friends. Sipping a cup of green tea. Listening to music. Lighting a candle.

This honeyflower and sandalwood candle from Circa Home is the latest addition to my bedroom and I am loving the sweet, creamy scent that makes me close my eyes and feel relaxed and peaceful. I've positioned it such the way that 'gratitude' is the first word I see when I wake up, which hopefully makes for a great start every morning. 

To win a limited edition gift pack for yourself or for someone you are grateful for in your life, enter Circa Home's competition here. Simply tell them what or who you are grateful for and why, and you'll be in for a chance to win a beautiful set of candles, diffusers, soy melts and wax warmers.

If you need a reminder to stop and think about what you're grateful for, download these beautiful printables and stick them all around the house!

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