Sushi Hotaru, Melbourne CBD

I've been to Sushi Hotaru so many times now but I've never written a review because I'm usually so busy stuffing my face that I forget to take photos. I brought a friend for lunch last Friday and I told myself I had to write a review this time, otherwise I would feel like such a traitor for not doing my part for one of my favourite places to eat!

Sushi Hotaru is pretty much a sushi train that offers lots of fresh options. The best part is that apart from premium dishes such as noodle soups and sashimi, everything else is a flat rate of $3 per plate (Note: This will be increased to $3.30 per plate from 1st May 2016). This includes nigiri, gunkan, hand rolls and plenty of side dishes. Amazing value!

Since there's so much variety there's really no point in me reviewing individual dishes, but I thought I'd highlight some of my favourites:

My ultimate favourite: scampi nigiri, no questions asked. I enter a realm of sweet bliss every time I get to have this scampi. Here's the funny story of how I discovered this dish - during my first visit, I sat next to a girl who ordered 6 scampis in one go, and I was thinking in my head, "What is this girl on about?!" So I decided to try one for myself and man, I was sold. Ever since, I order at least 4 scampis at a time, and the last time I went, I saw the girl beside my eyeing my scampi heads and ended up ordering some too!

You only get one, but the flesh is so sweet and so fresh it's totally worth it!

These paradise prawns must be a recent addition - I don't think I've seen them before in the past. Very much like the scampi, these raw prawns are an amazing mouthful but a lot heavier in flavour. 

Some other favourites include seared flounder nigiri, seared salmon nigiri, seared scallop nigiri, soft shell crab hand roll and renkon (lotus) chips. If you still have space after all that, go for their generous serving of green tea ice cream for $3.80.

I've read through some other reviews, and while rude service seems to be a recurring theme, I've personally never had any issues before. I've found the staff to be extremely quick and efficient given that it is such a busy restaurant (fills up by about 12:30pm, expect to queue). I left that day having had 5 or 6 plates of scampi, and it still felt like I hadn't had enough. Can't wait to go back again soon!

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