Cake Hopping

Ever heard of cake hopping? It's like bar hopping but way better and with cake instead! I had a rare day off with a foodie friend, and we thought it was best to spend it sampling some lovely cakes around the city.

#1: Le Petit G√Ęteau

It was only the first stop and already the bar was set high! We shared a slice of their signature brownie and passionfruit cake and it was heavenly. So many textures were incorporated, like the smoothness of the mousse and the crunchiness of the praline. I also loved that the passionfruit flavour was quite strong.

The other cake was one of the specials, an apple and yuzu cake. Surrounded by white chocolate and encased within a light mousse layer, it was not overly sweet and very refreshing. 

#2: Luxbite

We initially stopped by T By Luxbite in the city but felt a little inconvenienced by the lack of choice and seating, so we hopped on the train to visit the main store in South Yarra instead.

I didn't get to try these giant lychee macarons but I think they are one of the prettiest desserts I have ever seen!

I'm not usually a fan of cartoon characters but I thought these Rilakkuma cakes were pretty cute!

At this point, I was already quite full from the cakes from the first stop, so I chose to have something lighter - the green tea cheesecake. True enough, the richness of the cream cheese were broken up by layers of sponge cake, making it a breeze to eat. I'm hoping to re-create this cake at home one day! 

My friend ordered the lolly bag cake, and goodness, you can really taste all the layers within one bite. It was definitely too sweet for my liking but I love the concept!

At this point, I knew I was going to feel nauseous if I had more cake so I called it a day, but my friend ordered this chocolate mint in a cup. It looks so pretty! I have always found desserts here to be very elaborate and I don't think this has changed. I did buy some cakes and tarts to bring home for my family dinner that night, and they enjoyed it a lot.

It was great fun trying out so many cakes in one day but I probably will give it a rest for a bit (I think I ate two month's worth of sugar!). I love how these experiences give me new ideas and make me feel inspired to do some baking myself!

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