Tomo's Japanese, Inverloch

While researching for places to eat in Inverloch, Tomo's Japanese popped up again and again. Seeing as it was a popular place, I booked a table a couple of weeks in advance for lunch on a Saturday. It was definitely one of the main things I was looking forward to on the trip!

The setting was a lot more casual than I expected but we were really just interested in the food anyway. In keeping with my habit, I had already pre-studied the menu, so ordering was quite a breeze.

Hubby and I had a plum wine tasting set to share. We aren't plum wine experts but we loved it all the same!

We ordered six dishes to share, and surprise surprise, it was all seafood. First up we had tuna carpaccio dressed with sweet soy sauce, mayonnaise and sprinkles of sesame seeds, seaweed and spring onion. Each slice delivered a punch of flavour.

Next, we had salmon sashimi dressed with yuzu, soy dressing and sesame seeds. I love the citrusy tang of yuzu, but unfortunately I couldn't taste much of it in this dish.

There was no way scallop sashimi was going to escape our order list. This time they used a soy dressing with tobiko and spring onion, and there was no doubt that this was one of our favourite dishes. 

Our last sashimi dish, I promise. This was kingfish sashimi with ponzu sauce. Once again, it was fresh, simple and delicious!

We weren't quite filled up at this point, but the next two dishes did the trick. We had the crunchy calamari legs, which was a nice change in texture from the other dishes, but nothing too spectacular.

Finally, we had the deep fried soft shell crab which was crunchy and juicy. 

As always, it was had not to get tempted by dessert. Hubby and I shared the 'Harmony', which was a generous portion of vanilla ice cream, green tea ice cream, azuki beans, melons and shiratama. It was my first time having shiratama (rice flour dumplings), but I loved its chewy texture. They made a great combo together with the ice cream. 

While there are better Japanese options closer to me, I still think that Tomo's was a great find especially for a distant town like Inverloch. I love how they have a huge variety of dishes on offer and their simple yet unique techniques for preparing classic dishes. I would love to try their jelly plum wine if I ever do get another chance to visit!

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