Sydney In A Whirlwind

It all started with a crazy suggestion from my brother. He was going to be in Sydney for a couple of days for a conference, and casually mentioned to the rest of us that we should go too. And if we did, he would shout us dinner at Tetsuya's. Now who could possibly refuse an offer like that?!

And so we did it. We stayed in the harbourside suburb of Double Bay, which was leafy, idyllic and glamorous with its high end shops and caf├ęs. Its laid-back setting made for a very relaxing walk during the day but I didn't think it had too much to offer, as everything was so expensive! 

I got the shock of my life when we were buying some fruits at an independent grocer. They were selling, amongst other ridiculous pricings, nectarines for $12.99 per kilo and a punnet of strawberries for $6. I wondered if other shoppers knew about the $2.90 per kilo nectarines and 2 for $3 strawberry punnets in Coles?

Needless to say, dinner at Tetsuya's was beyond amazing. All the fine details were covered, from food to service. The most memorable dishes were the signature ocean trout (to die for), the lychee granita and the chocolate cake. 

As much as it pains me, I won't be doing a review as I used a different camera that night and was thus very unsatisfied with the photos I took. The only half-decent photo I managed to get was this of the chocolate cake, owing to a kind invite into the kitchen. Put Tetsuya's on your must-do list when visiting Sydney! (Tip: Book way in advance.)

As if a fine dinner wasn't enough, we headed to Sydney Fish Market the next morning for a sumptuous seafood breakfast. You can't say no to freshly sliced salmon, tuna and abalone sashimi. 

Thinking about the sea urchin sashimi we had still leaves me floating. Uni is just one of those things that you have to try at some point in your life. There's no describing it, only experiencing it. I later read that it contains a chemical very similar to THC. That's probably why it makes me so happy. ;)

Another highlight were the torched scallops topped with cheese and rice. Rich, sticky goodness.

It was a short one and half days but they were filled with plenty of joy and good food. Next short trip is due in one week - stay tuned for my adventures in Darwin!

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