East West Walk, You Yangs Regional Park

We haven't been on a proper walk or hike since we brought Skye home, and we have mainly just been frequenting nearby parks or walks around the neighbourhood. However, she just turned six months not too long ago, so we thought it was time for her to join us on her very first hike!

Our trip to the You Yangs started off with quite a few hitches. Skye isn't too great with car rides in general, sometimes she's fine and sometimes she throws up. This was one of the times where she didn't feel too well in the car, and threw up right at the start and at the end of the journey. Also,  there was a point where I really wanted to capture the scenery with the mountains in the background as we were approaching the park, only to pull out my DSLR and realise that the battery was still in the charger at home, duh!

We had decided on doing the East West Walk, estimated at 4.5km, taking about 1.5 to 2 hours return. In true spirit of our household, we had walked close to 1km into a different track when I realised it was the wrong one. As if that wasn't enough, it also started drizzling!

I managed to take a photo of this pretty landscape with my phone before we all had a jolly good time running back to the starting point.

Fortunately, we eventually found the correct track (and it stopped drizzling!) and we were on our way. As the brochure and sign mention, the track can be quite challenging - there were lots of steps and boulders that required some small degree of climbing. 

Turns out Skye is a champ at hiking. We didn't think her little legs would last her even a quarter of the journey, but she was so eager at having a go at all the steps. Hubby did carry her for some of the way, especially when there was a steep descent or rocks that were three times her height, but she did very well in general. She was so pooped out she slept the entire journey home without throwing up.

In terms of views, there were some pleasant scenery of some hills and the countryside but nothing too spectacular. We didn't get to see any wildlife as well. However, we found the track really fun to walk, but I suppose the major contributing factor was because we were doing it with Skye.

For more information on the walk and others that are available, have a look at this document. The park is dog-friendly so I think we will be back for more, maybe when Skye gets better with longer car rides!

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