Cooking Around The World: Maraq (Somalia)

I'm so very sorry for the sparse updates! I've been lacking motivation to do anything lately, really. I'm hoping to surround myself with positive energy starting right now so hopefully I'll start feeling more cheery soon.

I mentioned I was going to cook something from Somalia in my previous cooking around the world post, so here it is, maraq, which is a soup or stew. To be specific, I made a beef stew using this recipe.

The best thing about cooking this dish was that I had almost all the ingredients on hand. The only change I made was using a red pepper instead of a green one. I was so glad I finally had the chance to use some of that ground cumin that has been sitting on my spice rack for yonks!

I found the stew very rich and flavoursome, but perhaps a little too heavy on the tomatoes. Nevertheless, I thought it was a great dish that incorporated lots of vegetables. Tomatoes, okra, pepper, carrots, squash and potato - I'm sure we achieved our recommended daily intake of vegetables in that one meal! The beef turned out very tender as well, so that was a plus.

All in all, I thought it was a good stew, but I will probably save it for wintertime. 

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