Stepping Into 2016

We've slipped into the sixth day of the new year, how time passes!

I'm very grateful for all that happened in 2015. There weren't any major happenings or dramatic events, but life just progressed wonderfully and smoothly, and I am very thankful for that.

It was a year I went crazy on travel - road trips within Victoria (Wilsons Prom, Phillip Island, Mount Buller, HealesvilleVenus Bay), Perth, Gold Coast, France, London, Taiwan, Malaysia. I made a quick count the other day and it turned out that I had taken a total of 18 flights last year. We've also noticed that we've become a lot quicker and efficient at packing.

We also brought home a puppy who changed our lives forever. I still remember the first time we made the drive to Bendigo to see Skye for the first time, who was only three weeks old then. Now at close to five months, she's tripled in size but still remains the most adorable, mischievous and loving little puppy. Our routine has changed completely - we now wake up at 6am everyday to incorporate a walk and playtime before we leave, and we can't go on impromptu trips anymore, but it was the best decision we ever made last year.

It was a year I did more things in general - I read more, cooked more, baked more, sewed more, went on regular hikes, picked up watercolour, completed a diploma in interior design. Sometimes I wonder if I try to do too many things at once but then I realise, as long as I enjoy what I'm doing, nothing else really matters.

I want to keep this vibe going for 2016. I've got a few personal goals I would like to achieve this year, but to sum it up - fear less, experience more. To a great year ahead!

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