Cooking Around The World: Melktert (South Africa)

The most recent challenge I took upon was to bake a melktert, which, you can probably guess from the name, is a milk tart originating from South Africa. After some research, I realised that there were two main ways, one of which was to blind bake the crust, and the other to bake it in with the filling. I ended up using this recipe which used the latter method.

It was my first time baking a tart so I found it very interesting how the ingredients separated to form its own crust. I must have done something wrong though as the filling didn't set very well. Therefore, I couldn't eat it while it was hot, but it did firm up after being refrigerated. And look at my terrible spread of cinnamon! I was in such a rush I literally poured instead of sprinkle it on.

Taste-wise, it is a delicious but rich dessert. Full cream milk, sugar, butter and eggs, I suppose it was to be expected! We couldn't have more than one slice each at a time. 

I will be cooking something from Somalia next, so I'm really excited to read all about Somali cuisine. I hope I can mix things up a bit by making something savoury!

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