24 Hours In Kuching

This past weekend has been crazy! Hubby and I flew back to Malaysia for my grandmother's 90th birthday. We left on Thursday night and returned on Monday morning, which basically meant that we only had a day each in Kuching and Sibu. Spending two nights on the plane wasn't much fun, but short as it was, the trip was amazing.

Apart from catching up with my extended family, one of my main missions was to eat. I hadn't been back in 3 years so I had to seize the opportunity. There are just some dishes that are not available outside of Sarawak, or aren't authentic enough even if they are available in Melbourne. My brother and my parents were already there for a few days, so I asked them to prepare a food itinerary for me. I didn't think I could fit so much food in my belly, but hey, when you've only got so many hours there is no time to think about being full!

The fact that I only had two days made the trip a lot more precious to me. My parents drove us around to sentimental spots, like our old house and old school and some of our favourite parks and restaurants. It was really a trip down memory lane.

The picture above is a rundown little eatery situated somewhere close to the Sarawak Museum. It has no name, has tattered plastic chairs and tables, and heck, it was half flooded when we visited after it had rained. Still, we managed to have the cendol, rojak and belacan bee hoon, these three same dishes that we have always ordered growing up.

We even made the effort to drive 40 minutes out of Kuching to the fishing village of Muara Tebas for an amazing seafood lunch.

I guess I never fully appreciated the understated beauty of Kuching until this trip. In the past, I used to go back for weeks at a time but always found it boring and dull, always took it for granted. I've definitely learnt my lesson this time. I hope I'll still have time to properly explore this hometown of mine in the future. 

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