Cherry Picking At Ripe 'N' Ready Cherry Farm, Red Hill

Did you know that the cherry season has just started? My in laws are currently visiting, so we brought our parents for some cherry picking last weekend. It's still early days, so there were a limited number of farms that were actually open for picking. I rang up Ripe 'N' Ready in Red Hill and luckily for us, we were able to do some picking with them.

The entry fee was $10 per person which included all you can eat and $10 per kilo for any picked cherries to be taken home. They weren't as plentiful as the time we went to Chappies, but there were still generous amounts to keep us occupied for a couple of hours. 

I was contemplating wearing a summer dress or maxi skirt to prance around in but decided against it at the last minute. Instead, I opted for a more practical combination of chambray, denim and oxfords. It was a good decision because I did require some warmth from the morning chill!

There were lots of cherries but it took us some time to find a couple of 'favourite' trees. Some were sweeter than others, so once we found a tree that we liked we picked it till it was bare. We found the cherries a little soft from the heat that day, but the ones that we brought home were just fine after being refrigerated. 

It was a great way to spend some time with our families, perhaps we will make another trip in the middle of the season when fruit is more abundant!

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