5 Things We Know About Skye

It's been 4 weeks now since we've had Skye and she has already changed our lives so much! The first few days were a bit of a struggle for both of us as we were still figuring things out, but now that we've sort of settled into a routine, things are just getting better and better. Here's a few things that we have learnt about her:

#1: She's fearless!

She's fearless and we mean it. Be it people, other dogs, heights, sirens, loud household noises, nothing fazes her. The only thing she was afraid of at one point was her bob-a-lot treat dispenser. When we first introduced it to her she circled it with caution and unleashed some barking, but on the second try she figured it out.

#2: She loves people.

It didn't take long at all for her to adjust to us. On the day we brought her home, she was a little wary of us and her new surroundings, but one nap was all it took and it was as if she had always been with us. We put socialising with people near the top of our checklist but her loving nature has made it very easy for us. She takes 5 seconds to adjust to and bond with friends and family that come over. She loves the joggers and cyclists that we pass by on our walks, and she would gaze at them with such longing eyes.

#3: We think she's quite smart. 

There's quite a few things that she's done to impress us. She learnt her name on the second day we got her, figured out how to open the door to her crate or pen (and it's not by luck, she actually pulls at an angle!), and we've also been able to practise the 'stay' command very well. Even if it's her favourite chicken or treat in question, she doesn't touch it until we give her the ok.

#4: ...But also silly sometimes.

Having said all the above, she has also had some silly moments which I can only use 'stupid bravery' to describe. Once she escaped from her pen when we weren't at home and she managed to climb steps all the way upstairs. However, she was so excited to see us when we came home that she jumped through the pillars and landed on her head. I was so terrified when it happened that we brought her to the vet, but luckily she was okay.

#5: She's quite particular about things.

She knows what she likes, this one. She has a favourite spot on the rug in the living room and no matter where you throw her toys, she would fetch them and return to that same spot. She also has a favourite spot on the grass in our garden, once we blocked her path on purpose and she ran left and right for a good few minutes trying to get to it. She loves her chicken and most fruits like apples, pears and watermelon but isn't too fond of bananas and strawberries.

Everyday we are learning new things about her and she just brings so much joy into our lives! Sometimes we just sit and watch her get all caught up in her silly antics and just smile to ourselves. We can't wait to start bringing her on road trips!

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