We Got A Puppy!

Yes, we got a puppy! We had been talking about getting one since the start of the year, and finally, just a little over a month ago, we got in contact with a breeder. We have just brought Skye, our little Havanese puppy home 5 days ago and she is the cutest thing on the planet.

I'm not going to lie, as a first time puppy owner I was and am still a little nervous about bringing her up well. So far, I can tell she has a bubbly and curious personality, always wanting to play and be with us. She loves cuddling up on her fleece blanket and although she was quite disinterested in her toys at the start, she now chases her favourite ones like nobody's business!

Training her well will require some patience and effort from us, but I can foresee plenty of happy times with this little one!

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