Thrifted & Altered: White Pencil Skirt

My shopping endeavours haven't been too successful lately, so I've turned to a different avenue for a fix - hitting up op shops! Now what are the chances that I'll pick up something I love, in good condition, and most importantly, in the right size? Not very high.

Which is why I think learning to alter clothes would open up so many possibilities. I picked up this white pencil skirt from Katies for $5 at Springvale Salvos. It was a lovely crisp white, but it hung way too far below my knees, and was too wide in the waist.

What I did:
  • removed the waistband
  • flipped the skirt inside out
  • flipped the lining upward out of the way
  • marked and sewed the new seams using an existing pencil skirt that fit
  • trimmed off excess
  • cut and shortened hem for both main fabric and lining
  • shortened waistband and reattached to skirt body

It fits me so much better now! This project has got me all excited about thrifting. I can't wait to snap up more bargains and alter them to my size! (I'll have to remember to take some photos of the actual alteration process!)

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