Keppel Lookout Trail, Marysville

Last weekend, we ventured out a little further for our hiking fix. As we had a night to spare, we stayed overnight in Healesville. However, we thought we'd spend some time in Marysville, known for its numerous walking tracks.


Seeing as we had lots of time, we chose to do the Keppel Lookout Trail, which is about 11km return and estimated to take about 3 to 4 hours. We started early so as to stay out of the sun's way as much as possible, but even then, we still ended up getting roasted for a while.

waterfall hiking
The walk rewarded us straightaway with a beautiful view of Steavenson Falls at the very start, as it was only about 700m from the car park. Look at all the water gushing in all its glory!

hiking fungus

I finally got my wish of spotting some fungus. I thought these were quite pretty, like flowers!

hiking reptile

There was this reptile (can anyone tell me what it's called?) just chilling on a tree stump, but it gave us quite a fright! After I got past the initial shock, I mustered enough courage to get closer for a few photos!

waterfall hiking

At the top of the falls! It was quite a marvel, watching and listening to the stream of water crash to the bottom.


I really liked how these naked trees looked against the bright blue sky.

hiking mountain view

And here we were at Keppel Lookout, greeted with an expansive view of the mountains. One day, I hope we will be able to stand on that peak in the centre and look towards where we were that day. There's something satisfying about taking in views from places only accessible by foot!

The hike was quite steep in some parts but wasn't too difficult overall. The track was pretty well-formed and easy to follow although there were some obstacles such as puddles, overgrown bushes and fallen logs that we had to climb over. We managed to complete it in 2 hours and 40 minutes. I would definitely advise packing water, snacks, sunscreen and a hat!

I found this document quite useful while researching trails, it lists all the walks available in Marysville plus useful details such as location, estimated time and difficulty rating.

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