High Tea Outfit

I'm really excited to introduce a new topic I've been meaning to blog about - petite fashion. If you don't know me in real life, I'm often described as tiny, or small, or little, or any other associated synonyms.

My height amounts to a grand total of 4 feet and 11 inches, so shopping can often be quite frustrating. I usually struggle to find clothes and shoes that fit off the rack, and have too often put up with a less than ideal fit. (I have even resorted to sewing some of my own clothes.) I would really like to share my finds, and similarly, grab any tips and suggestions off you guys as well.

floral top white lace pencil skirt heels clutch
Forever New high neck floral strappy top sz4 (old) || Dotti laser cut lace skirt sz6 (old) || Ankle strap heel sandals eu34 from Yesstyle || Forever New quilted clutch bag (old) || Jolie & Deen adjustable knot bracelet (gift)

You will soon realise that Forever New is one of my favourite brands. Not only do I love most of their styles, all their clothes also start in size 4, which is still quite rare for most Australian brands. I'm now waiting for the day when they decide to stock smaller-sized shoes!

I'm guilty of having more than enough clothes to wear, so recently I've been trying to wear more of my old stuff. Everything from this outfit except for the bag was worn for the first time, despite having had them in my closet for months. An above-knee hem and heels are always a great combo for a height boost!

I want to give these heels a mention - I had no expectations whatsoever when ordering them, but to my surprise, they were comfortable even on first wear and I was quite happy walking in them for the whole afternoon. The ankle straps are a hook on hook off type, unconventional but very convenient! My feet best fit eu34 or au4 (which I don't think exists) so Yesstyle is always a great option when searching for smaller sized shoes.  

Please do share any retailer you know of that offer petite clothing - so far I've got Forever New, ASOS and Target on my go-to list, but would love to expand my options!

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