Paringa Estate Winery & Restaurant, Red Hill South

This year, we celebrated Father's Day with a beautiful day out at the Mornington Peninsula. We arrived in the region a little early for lunch, so we decided to check out the Red Hill Community Market which was close by. Although it was cold, windy and drizzling, we powered through the market and had heaps of fun. We came back with some plants, gourmet foods and lots of inspiration!

We had our celebratory lunch at Paringa Estate, courtesy of my brother's recommendation. I had never heard of them prior to this, even though I had been to several wineries around the region. My brother assured us that our dining experience was going to be top-notch though, and he wasn't kidding about that!

Despite spending a lot of time at the market, we still arrived 20 minutes earlier than our booking time. However, the restaurant was very accommodating and happily invited us in, seating us at a table by the glass window, overlooking the vineyard.

Deciding what to eat was tough, really tough. I'm normally a decisive person and can make a decision within minutes, but 10 minutes in and I was still umm-ing and ahh-ing over what to get. Everything sounded amazing!

We started off the lunch with a series of breads, namely sourdough, light rye and kalamata olive. Condiments on offer were olive oil, salt flakes and anchovy butter. I'm never easily impressed with the complimentary bread that you get at restaurants, but this, was bread perfection. The crusts were thin and crispy, cracking easily with a pinch to reveal warm and fluffy insides.

After much deliberation, Daddy and I finally decided on the octopus as our entrée. It was a beautifully concocted dish, with the octopus slightly charred, accompanied with crispy eggplant chips, nettle purée and mirin. It was a tantalising starter and had me wanting more!

Mommy's entrée - John Dory with chunks of spanner crab, thin asparagus slices and horseradish.

My brother's entrée - poached and roast quail, crispy egg, smoked almond and tamarillo. 

I hadn't had lamb in a long time (hubby isn't too fond of it, therefore I've never cooked it at home),  so I decided to give it a go. I made the huge mistake of starting with the medallions, because it was so unbelievably delicious that all the other cuts paled in comparison. I don't even know how to describe it. Tender? Juicy? Succulent? All those words don't even do it justice! I consider it the best lamb I've had in a long time, maybe ever. Oh sure, there were also some grilled lettuce and confit potato but those were just fillers to me. The lamb medallions, they had my attention the entire time. 

Mommy's main - roast duck, spiced leg brik, swede and cured watermelon rind. 

Daddy's and my brother's mains - Wagyu rump, braised ox tail, turnip and kale. 

Lots of wine made for a very happy brother that day!

And then came the desserts. We were pretty full by then, so we ordered two desserts to share amongst the four of us. This was their variations of chocolate (ganache, mousse, etc.) with mandarin sorbet. One mouthful of the sorbet and suddenly I felt like I was floating in the sky. It was divine. 

The other dessert was grilled apple, buckwheat and truffle ice cream. The flavours in this dish were more complex. The truffle ice cream was decadent but dense, however this was offset by the light sweetness of the grilled apple. The chocolate and mandarin sorbet still remained our favourite dessert though.

It's been a while since I've had such a flawless dining experience. From the views, to the service, to the food, there was nothing I could fault. Fine dining experiences can usually be quite underwhelming due to high expectations but this was one to remember.

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