DIY Hook Coat Rack

diy woodwork

I'm very excited to share my first woodwork craft! In our home, there is a nook between the main door and the staircase. We've been keeping miscellaneous items such as slippers, umbrellas and scarves on the shoe rack and it was getting a little out of control.

I've been on the lookout for an affordable hook coat rack for a while now, but it was always the wrong size or wrong colour or wrong style. So I decided to do what a craft addict would do - DIY.

What you need:

Pine [42x19mmx1.8m or desired size] (Bunnings, $4.32)
Hooks and matching screws [90mm or desired size] (Ebay, $1.59 each)

What to do:

1. Saw the pine to the desired length.

2. Sand the pine.

3. Paint the pine with primer, and then with paint of desired colour. Paint several coats if needed.

4. After the paint is completely dry, space the hooks evenly across the pine and mark the positions with a pencil.

5. Slightly hammer the screws into place, and then tighten them completely using a screwdriver.

I attached the rack to the wall using quite a few 3M picture strips. It's held up well so far, but we have been careful not to put anything too heavy on it. As we are using it more for decorative purposes, we have only been hanging lightweight items such as scarves and hats. I think the space looks a little more cosy now!

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