Taiwan: Day 5

Our fifth day in Taiwan marked the midway point of our trip, and also the last day with a tour guide.

#1: Lukang Longshan Temple, Changhua

Our tour guide decided to show us around Changhua, and the first stop was this temple. To be honest, I have yet to learn to appreciate visits to temples. I did find the architecture very beautiful, but I didn't feel connected enough to learn about its history.

#2: Lukang Old Street, Changhua

No matter which town you visit, you've got to check out the old street! This one was dotted with plenty of attractive food stalls, and I noticed a lot of them were focused on seafood. We tried some deep-fried mud shrimps and deep-fried oysters before heading into a restaurant where we had an oyster-themed lunch. It was the best! I remember dividing up a huge bowl of soup and being amazed at the generous amount of oysters we were given.

#3: Taiwan Glass Gallery, Changhua

The next stop on our itinerary was a glass gallery. There were a lot of pretty products, but we didn't buy anything. (After all, what would I do with a glass apple?) There was also an exhibition upstairs which held more intricate displays of glass. My favourite was of a colony of ants surrounding a bamboo plant. I just can't imagine how much effort would be needed to create such detailed pieces!

#4: Great Buddha Statue Of Baghushan, Changhua

Our last stop before heading to Taipei was the Great Buddha Statue of Baguashan. I'm glad we made the effort to walk all the way up because the views of Changhua City were magnificent. Another interest thing was that the statue was actually hollow, so we got to go inside!

That evening, we took the high-speed rail from Taichung to Taipei. I had been looking forward to the 'big city feel' since the morning and my wish was fulfilled! 

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