Taiwan: Day 4

#1: Geographic Center Stela, Nantou

We started out our fourth day in Taiwan with a visit to the geographical centre of Taiwan. We stopped by a fruit stall before we started our journey towards the stela, and the owner gave us generous amounts to sample. All that sugar didn't manage to prepare us for the steep walk. After what seemed like never-ending flights of stairs, we finally reached the top. Oh, what a view! It was tiring, but totally worth it!

#2: Checheng Station - Jiji Station, Nantou

Next, we got dropped off at Checheng. We walked around the wood exhibition, and then went off to the old street. We ate at a popular tea house where you can choose to have your meal served in a wooden bucket for a fee (you can take it home as a souvenir), although we didn't go for that option. After lunch, we took the train to Jiji. I thought the scenery was so beautiful, just look at how the train tracks are positioned against the mountain! 

#3: Sky Bridge, Nantou

The last place on our itinerary for the day was the Sky Bridge. It is an extremely long bridge suspended high above the valley, so only 150 people are allowed on it at a time. When we walked to the other side, we walked through some stalls and made our way towards the observation tower for a great view of Houtanjing.

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