Taiwan: Day 3

#1: Sun Moon Lake, Nantou

I can see why Sun Moon Lake is such a popular destination for travellers and locals alike. The lake takes on the shape of the sun on one side and a crescent moon on the other, hence its name, and is surrounded by beautiful hills and mountains.

There are a lot of ways to explore the area, such as by bus, boat, bicycle, and even cable car. We had less than half a day to spend there before going to our next destination, so we did a boat ride from pier to pier. We did a lot of photo-taking and also got to try the famous mushroom tea leaf eggs. Apparently it sells in the ten of thousands during peak seasons!

#2: Cingjing Farm, Nantou

Some windy roads and good two hours later, we arrived at Cingjing Farm just in time for their sheep shearing show, which was one of their highlights. After exploring the vast grounds for a little, we headed to the horse riding show. Some of the moves were interesting at the start but it didn't manage to keep our interest. There were lots of walking tracks, shops selling sheep-related products, and of course, photo opportunities. If you like you can get up close with the sheep as well! (You may or may not need to bribe them with food!)

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