South Society, Mount Waverley: Part II

After my last visit to South Society, I knew I had to come back for their dinner menu. Last week, I finally got the chance to do so after working a 12-hour shift. Nothing better than filling my tummy with yummy food after such a long day at work!

The dishes on their dinner menu are designed to be shared, and there are plenty of choices. They recommend ordering two to three grazing plates and one main plate to share between two, which is exactly what we did.

It's hard to say no to soft shell crab. It was seasoned with five spice and served with nam jim coriander and bean shoot salad. I have to say that it was one of the best soft shell crabs I have had in a while. The crab came intact, and it was ever so light, juicy and crispy. The spicy salad on the side gave it a nice kick as well. We were left wanting for more.

Next up, we had seared scallops with pea and bacon crumbs. What a perfect combo! The scallops were tender, and the pea puree was very refreshing. The bacon crumbs added a distinct texture to the dish. Each mouthful was a delight! Hubby also gave it a nod of approval.

For our main, we had the chargrilled spatchcock with corn puree and salsa fresca. Great flavours, although I did find the meat a little dry.

We couldn't resist ordering a side of chips. Generously seasoned with rosemary salt, these chunky chips with skin still on were oh-so-tasty but also very filling. I'm hoping that they will soon offer up a sweet potato option!

It's one of those restaurants with great service, great menu and great ambience. I was probably really, really hungry that night, but I remember wanting to order every single thing on the menu. (Still hope to one day, over staggered visits!). The only downside is that it's almost always full and very noisy. You'll have to shout and lean in if you want to chat with your dining mates!

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