Poppo Korean & Japanese, Perth

Hubby and I recently made an unexpected trip to Perth for just under two days. He had a conference to attend and I, well, I tagged along for the ride! The only night we were there, we had dinner at Poppo Korean & Japanese. I had had a massive lunch alone at Jaws Sushi so I was still pretty full, so we were looking for a light and homely meal.

I wasn't up for ordering a main, so I got this tofu tempura entrée instead. My wish was fulfilled, as the batter was really light and crispy. In addition to tofu, there were also other vegetables like sweet potato to mix things up a bit. The sauce wasn't too heavy on the taste buds either, which was a plus.

Our other entrée was fried chicken, and once again, it was done beautifully. They were cut in convenient bite-sized pieces and had an incredibly crunchy coating. It wasn't oily or over-seasoned, which meant that while it was delicious, it didn't taste too sinful.

Finally, we ordered haemultang (seafood stew) which came with rice and some side dishes. I thought that it was a little small but it was packed with so much goodness. It was one of those rare times where you could really taste the essence of the seafood in the soup, so hearty and tasty! The seafood included fish, prawn, mussel and squid. And more tofu. (Yay for me!)

All in all, it was a lovely meal, and even though I was stuffed from lunch, I still really enjoyed it. It would happily keep returning whenever I need a Korean food fix, but alas, I shall have to hunt for an alternative in Melbourne!

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