Hyde n Seek, Ashwood

Most people don't associate many things with the Ashburton or Ashwood area but for me, it's a haven for hidden brunch spots. My recent favourite is Hyde n Seek, Ashwood, a neat little café nestled in an unassuming row of local shops.

It was busy with plenty of people seated at the tables, paying the bill, and waiting for takeaways. This didn't stop us from receiving attentive service and friendly smiles. Always a plus when you're made to feel good even before the meal starts!

Our breakfast beverage of choice was hippy juice, a freshly squeezed blend of carrot, orange, celery and ginger. It was sweet and refreshing. I never thought that this day would come, but I now appreciate the taste of freshly made juice and wouldn't mind paying a few extra dollars for them.

I chose to have moroccan eggs poached in a tomato and capsicum sauce, with the addition of turkish sausage, feta and a sprinkle of parsley. Along with it came two pieces of turkish bread and some hummus. It was a comforting dish with just enough flavour to give it a kick without being too unhealthy. My only complaint was that I needed more bread to mop up the goodness!

Hubby ordered the breakfast special, which was smashed sage pumpkin with dukkah poached eggs, hummus and feta on ciabatta. It was one of the dishes I was tossing between!

On another occasion I ordered the Mediterranean scrambled eggs, which was a very tasty and filling dish. There was a substantial amount of feta folded through the eggs, so if you're a big fan of cheese, I say go for it! 

Both experiences have been great so far, although I did notice that the food took a while to arrive on both occasions. Otherwise, I thoroughly enjoyed the dishes and would love to come back for more - ottomans banquet and breakky burrito are next on my list!

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