DIY Double Layer Pencil Skirt

I've been sewing a lot for the home in the past few months, but lately I've been itching to make something that I can wear. I have accumulated so much fabric that I've actually started feeling quite guilty. Which is why I'm currently on a mission to use up most of my stash before I allow myself to even look at new fabrics!

Esprit green shirt blouse (old) || ASOS pearls & chains necklace (out of stock) || 
DIY navy polka dot knit pencil skirt || Airflex black patent pumps

This navy with white polka dot knit fabric was a bargain buy during Boxing Day sales last year. I bought it for about $4/metre, and while I always knew I wanted to turn it into a skirt, I never got around to it because I thought it would be too thin. Until I thought about double layers!


1 metre of jersey knit fabric (more or less depending on size and the desired length)
Elastic less than 1 inch wide
Matching thread

What to do: 

1. Fold your fabric in half, ensuring that it stretches horizontally. Place an existing pencil skirt, lining up the bottom of the skirt with the fold. Trace using chalk, adding about 1 inch at the sides for seam allowance, and 2 inches at the top of the skirt for the elastic casing, then cut. Repeat. 

2. Unfold the pieces you have just cut, they should look as such.

3. Place the two pieces right sides together and sew along the side seams.

4. Fold out and up the bottom half of the skirt, such that the raw seams and edges match up, and the wrong side is hidden inside the fold. 

5. You should be left with a double layer skirt - the waist or top section will still be 'open', whereas the bottom section has a neat finish from the fold. Iron.

6. For the elastic casing, fold down about 1 inch of fabric from the top. Iron and repeat. (Note: If the layers are too many and too thick to work with, you can choose to fold over just once. The raw edges will show, but only on the inside of the skirt. Knit fabric won't fray.)

7. Sew all around the fold, leaving a small gap.

8. Using a safety pin, thread the elastic through the gap in the casing. When it comes out from the other end, stitch both ends of the elastic together.

9. Sew the gap shut. Divide the gathers evenly and then stitch in the ditch along both side seams, securing the elastic into place. 

10. Turn the skirt right side out. 

The double layer hides unwanted panty lines from showing and makes the skirt feel a lot sturdier. I also made the opening of the bottom of the skirt a little wider, so it's very comfortable to walk in as it doesn't cling to my thighs. I think this skirt is going to be a very versatile piece in my wardrobe, I can't wait to style it different ways for different seasons!

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