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We had an early Mother's Day celebration on Wednesday night, and our restaurant of choice was O.MY all the way in Beaconsfield. Although it's a little out of the way, it has been on the never-ending to-try list for the longest time. Owned and operated by three brothers, it a small but outstanding restaurant with a strong focus on their produce. Only 4, 6 or 8 course degustation (with or without matching wines) is offered, so make sure you prepare your bellies!

(Apologies in advance for the mediocre quality of photos, the restaurant has a dim setting.)

We decided to go in-between and chose the 6 course meal, but little did we know that we were going to end up with much more instead. To start the night, we were served some snacks (they didn't count towards the course). In order of pictures, we had duck jerky dusted with raspberry powder, cured salmon pastrami with fennel, and egg yolks cured in chamomile and then charred.

My first impression was that the dishes were very unique indeed. I was paying full attention as they were being explained, and still, it was so much to take in because I had never thought that these ingredients could be prepared in those ways. My personal favourite was the egg yolk, firm, smooth, with the hint of chamomile that made it exciting yet not overwhelming.

The first course was sweet potato roasted for 14 hours in duck fat, with fermented potato and edible greens. I seldom see sweet potato as the star of the dish so I found it quite refreshing. Each bite of the potato was an adventure, it was sweet, salty, smooth, soft, all the same time. Another highlight were the leek chips, ultra thin and crunchy with its flavour intact.

Next up we had medium rare kingfish in a seaweed broth. Even though we ranked this dish as our 'least' favourite of all, it was still really good, it's just that we found it less special than the others. The lemon gel was a nice touch!

The main feature of our third course was pumpkin. If I'm not mistaken, a whole pumpkin was blended and chilli and garlic, and some of this was turned into the sheet you see on top. Garnished with toasted pumpkin seeds, rosemary flowers and chrysanthemum flowers, this is probably one of the prettiest and most delicious ways I've eaten pumpkin.

Our fourth course, which was also the last savoury course for the night, was a 24 hour roasted pork neck featuring roasted figs and more greens from their garden. I was stuffed at this point but I thought the pork neck was so good. The meat was tender and juicy, and the fatty bits, even better!

At this stage, we were wary of whether we were going to be able to finish dessert, so imagine our shock when they brought out more sweet snacks that didn't count towards the courses! We had some homemade chocolate with kumquat and mushroom powder. I know, mushroom powder and chocolate, you say? I didn't really know what to expect, but it turned out to be one of the most amazing chocolates I've ever had. It literally melt in my mouth and the mushroom powder was used in such a minute quantity was a beautiful finishing touch.

The other snack was a lemon and lime parfait with sage emulsion and frozen raspberries. Once again, I just love how these guys incorporate atypical ingredients in precisely the right amount so that they enhance, rather than overpower the main feature.

The fifth course, and also the first 'proper' dessert was a medley of quince, buttermilk, chestnut and honeycomb designed to make the transition from savoury to sweet. I loved the crunch of the honeycomb, but I did find the dish a little 'busy' as there were so many elements to take in. 

Finally, we received an apple and artichoke dessert, prepared in various ways. I'm quite unfamiliar with artichoke, but after having artichoke ice cream and artichoke crisps as served, I must say I have formed a good impression of it.

Throughout our meal we were also served three types of bread - white sourdough, rye sourdough and then finally walnut and raisin bread all packed for us to take home. From food to service to atmosphere, I don't think I can really fault this place. We had such a great time eating and chatting it was only when we left that we realised the degustation had lasted three hours. A quick note if you're thinking of visiting, they are a small restaurant with not much seating available so make sure you book ahead!

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