DIY Laptop Sleeve

Yesterday, I had to bring my laptop on an outing and I could not find any sort of sleeve or case to put it in. A laptop sleeve had been on my list of things to buy for the longest time but I never really got around to it. (I always get distracted by other things when I shop.)

Since I'm currently on a mission to buy less stuff, I thought I should use up some materials at home and make one instead. I wanted to make it in black and white, and this was the closest fabric I could find in my stash. I would have preferred a pattern that was less loud, but I kept to my 'buy less' rule and settled with it.

I used this tutorial from Design Sponge which was very clear and detailed. I'm not entirely new to sewing pouches and cases but I wasn't going to take any chances with anything involving a zipper! 

The only changes I made was adding a layer of polyester padding and adding much more seam allowance because of it. I'm very lucky because even after adding those extras, my laptop fits just perfectly. A couple more millimetres here and there and I wouldn't be able to zip it up. Phew!

I definitely still have lots to improve on, like evening up the curves better and sewing less wonky lines on the zipper, but it's functional and I'm very happy with it. I'm banking on the cushy padding to protect my laptop when I am less than gentle with it!


  1. you are very creative. This turned out really nice..

    1. Thank you! I checked out your site, great style pics!

  2. Just came across your post! I have been looking for a cushioned DIY case for a while now so thank you! I love the idea of putting in extra padding but am not too sure how much extra seam allowance I need to add, How did you work it out?
    Thanks again!