DIY Knit Throw

Nothing says cosiness and warmth more than a self-knitted throw. You might not know this but I have an obsession with throws. At the moment, we have five throws, which is way too many for two people. To fulfill my desire for another, I decided to make one instead of buy one. I picked a classic cream colour that would fit in with any colour scheme.

Making this throw was as easy as casting on, knitting the knit stitch like there's no tomorrow, casting off and then adding tassels on both ends (I used this tutorial for the tassels). It took about 6 balls of chunky yarn and a pair of 10mm knitting needles (you will get more width if you use a circular needle). The only thing was that it took a long time to reach the length that I wanted. I worked on the project only when we watched TV (which is at least 1 hour on most nights) and it probably took like three months to complete. I'm glad I got there in the end!

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