Blue Lotus Water Garden, Yarra Junction

The real reason we drove to Warburton was to visit Blue Lotus Water Garden in nearby Yarra Junction. Daddy had been wanting to go for a long time, so as soon as all our days off coincided, we made the trip.

Entry into the retail nursery and gift shop is free, but if you would like to wander through the gardens, there is an entry fee of $16 for adults (kids under 16 go free as long as they are accompanied by an adult!).

The garden spans 14 acres, with several attractions such as lakes, ponds and glass houses housing many different species of lotus flowers and water lilies. You will get to see some exceptionally interesting plants such as the giant amazon lily pads (large enough to hold the weight of a little child) and 'crocodile' plants (large leaves with thorns on every surface). There's plenty of space for a picnic or barbecue, great for a get-together.

Here are photos of some of the beautiful flowers we came across.

We spent a good two hours or so roaming the gardens, discovering lotus flowers and lilies of all sorts. We did expect more flowers to be in bloom, but even then, the beauty and vibrancy of what we saw were striking.

The shop also carries interesting products such as lotus honey, lotus leaf tea and lotus pods that can be used for decoration.

The gardens are open till 7th April 2015 so be sure to visit before then!

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