Youki's Japanese Tapas Bar, Cowes

We had been walking along the streets of Cowes and checking out some awesome dollar shops, but the weather just was getting too hot. As we had skipped lunch, we decided to have a very early dinner (and to escape the wrath of the sun). We got the last table available at 5:30pm and it was time to dig in!

First off, we had the plum wine tasting plate. We're not plum wine experts but we love how it is usually smooth, fruity and subtly sweet, and easy to drink in general. We sampled three different plum wines, namely umenoyado obai, kazuma noto and kumejima aragoshi. I liked umenoyado obai the most, which was the gentlest.

We started off with some lotus root chips, which were lightly salted and super crunchy!

The seaweed salad was probably the most disappointing of all, as we only received a meagre bowl for  $4.50.

The highlight of the night was ika ginger - pan fried squid with a sweet ginger sauce. It was one of those rare dishes where I just could not get enough of it. The squid was cooked to my idea of perfection. It was tender yet slightly springy, and no rubbery business going on. The sauce complemented this simple yet tasty preparation.

We also had a grilled scallop each which was dressed in kombu sauce. It had a very simple and understated deliciousness about it.

Finally, we had some seafood tempura, which very interestingly, came in a stacked form. There were plenty of vegetables but I couldn't really find much seafood amidst. To be fair, I was pretty full by then and didn't really have much of it. Hubby pretty much finished most of it by himself!

In general, we really liked the food but do be aware that it is a little on the expensive side. For example, we were thinking of ordering some sashimi, but just couldn't bring ourselves to fork out $26 for 10 slices (we are too used to getting 24 slices for $24 at Shyun). If you're in need of a break from other more commonplace cuisines while in Phillip Island, this would be a good place to go.

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