Terminus Lane, Malvern East

One fine Sunday morning, hubby and I walked along Waverley Road to find Mr. Percival, only to find out it had been replaced by a new café called Terminus Lane. We had never heard of it, so we went it without any expectations. Upon entering, we found the café's decor to be casual and chic, complete with bar stools, comfy benches and beautiful cushions.

I had my mandatory cup of chai, which had a very subtle flavour. 

My breakfast dish was Eggs Benedict - poached eggs, triple smoked ham and hollandaise sauce on bread. I assume the highlight was meant to be the ham, but unfortunately I found that it took away from the dish. It was stiff and lacking a bit of flavour. 

Hubby's dish was a combination of avocado, bacon, a fried egg and rocket on toast. I didn't eat any, but he said it was 'not bad'.

We found the food to be decent, but the real let down was the service we received. It wasn't that they were rude or unfriendly, but we did find that the wait staff were very inattentive, because it took a long time for someone to offer us the menu and to take our order. It seemed like they had no idea what was going on, who came first or who needed what, and the poor barista was the one who had to keep an eye out for these things and pass the message on. I wouldn't mind giving this place another try, but hopefully they would have sorted out these teething problems by then! 

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