DIY Boxy Crop Top

Here's an easy DIY crop top for those hot summer days!

A while ago, I bought a $5 crop top from Jay Jays. While I liked the cut, I brought it home and realised I would have liked it to be drapier. I found this light jersey scarf in blush that I had hidden for at least 2 years, so I decided to cut it up and turn it into this flowy crop tee!


Lightweight knit fabric
Matching thread

What to do:

1. Cut two pieces of fabric with the following dimensions:
  • Width: Shoulder to shoulder plus 2 inches (add about another 1 inch to allow for seam allowance)
  • Length: Desired length of top (add about 1 inch to allow for seam allowance and hemming)

2. Cut out the necklines for both front and back pieces. 

3. Hem the necklines for both front and back pieces. 

4. Pin both pieces right sides together. Cut a slight slant at the shoulders, following the contour of relaxed shoulders. Cut two slight curves to form the shape of armholes. (You can use an existing top to help with this step.)

5. Sew both front and back pieces together at the shoulders and the sides. 

6. To make the sleeve, cut one strip of fabric with the following dimensions:
  • Width: About 1.5 inches
  • Length: The circumference of the armhole opening (add about 0.5 inch to allow for seam allowance)

7. Fold the fabric such that the width is halved and the length remains the same, wrong sides together.

8. Then fold the fabric again, such that the width is halved (from before) and the length is halved. Sew the ends together. Repeat steps 6 to 8.

9. Turn the main piece right side out. Pin the sleeve (you should still be seeing the raw seam on the outside) all around the armhole opening.

10. Sew around the opening and flip the sleeve right side out. Repeat for the other armhole.

11. Hem the bottom.

I actually made this top as a trial but it turned out to be a great little project because it didn't take too long at all, plus I got the drape I wanted. The material I used was very thin though, so I've been wearing it around the house when the weather is a stinking 36 degrees or so. Good luck!


  1. Cute top!! I have a Craft Gossip post scheduled for this afternoon that links to your tutorial:

  2. Seems really simple and I really like the style, thanks

    1. Thank you! Indeed it's a very basic top but gets a lot of wear!

  3. Can you please explain how you hemmed the neckline.

    1. There are several ways you can do this, but this is the method that worked best for me.

      Hope it helps! :)