Pinnacles Walk & Beacon Walk, Cape Woolamai

As of late, the main focus of our road trips have been walking and hiking, so this time it was no different. Once we had decided on Phillip Island, I knew that the walk of our trip would be done at Cape Woolamai. Nothing beats the feeling of being on a body of green, surrounded by waters, isolated from the main island.

Naturally, we failed to get up before sunrise but we managed to catch the emerging rays from behind the clouds, making it a beautiful drive from our accommodation to Cape Woolamai. We arrived at about 7:30am, and there were already a number of people there for a surf competition. We embarked on our trail which started along the beach, and immediately, I couldn't believe how beautiful this place was.

Rocks, sand, and shimmering waters. I was captivated. 

No matter what direction we looked at, our eyes were bound to be greeted by sweeping views.

The walk was a combination of woodlands, waters, coves and rocks, but one of the main highlights had to be the majestic Pinnacles.

You might bump into some kangaroos along the way.

The feeling of looking back at Phillip Island and knowing how far you've come is one that you'll have to experience for yourself. 

For more information on all of the walking trails available, click here. The guide mentioned following different coloured markers for different trails but we didn't see any of those. No fear, as there will be guide boards along the way. The hardest part for us was finding where the walk started, which was actually as simple as walking towards the beach from the carpark, then all the way left and finally, up the steps where you will be greeted by a sandy track. 

We didn't manage to do the full circuit and instead combined the Pinnacles Walk and the Beacon Walk. We must have stopped like every ten steps or so to take photos, but we managed to complete the walk in about 3 hours. We found it to be a fairly easy walk, but it did get a little hot and tiring when the sun was fully up. What was your experience like?

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