Carpark Loop, Cape Schanck

Remember how I said last year that I was going to explore Victoria more? Well, I failed quite miserably but it seems like I'm redeeming myself this year. With our newfound interest in walking and hiking, I've been very keen to visit natural attractions, be it near or far. We also get to re-visit regions we've previously been, because this time we're looking for totally different things.

I know that the Peninsula Hot Springs is one of the major icons of Mornington Peninsula, but I wanted to do something different this time round. While doing some research, I came across articles on Cape Schanck, and I knew I had to go.

There are several walks of varying lengths starting from the carpark. We ended up doing the loop return which was about 600m. At the start, we thought it was going to be super easy, but it hit us when we had to climb the steps all the way back to the carpark.

The scenery was absolutely beautiful though. I felt so lucky that we were able to access such a mesmerising landscape within minutes from the carpark. We didn't get time to check out the lighthouse, but from what I've read you can do a tour or even stay overnight in one of the surrounding cottages. I can image that the view from the top would be stunning!

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