A Step Back

I'm really thankful for a day off this coming Monday, making it a long weekend for me. Most times I find that regular weekends are too short, and I feel like I have to be productive before it all ends, and work starts all over again. We made today a laid-back day, doing nothing much except shopping for groceries, watching television and cleaning the house. It was uneventful, but I couldn't have enjoyed it more. 

While tidying, we found this leaf string lights that we bought from Royal Melbourne Show several years ago. When we bought it, it was all sorts of colours - green, red, yellow, purple, but because we didn't store it properly it has turned to different shades of yellow, orange and brown. This is a great example of a mistake gone good, because now it's perfect for upcoming autumn.

Now I'm just curled up in my lazy, comfy corner with three pillows and a light throw, feeling very grateful, for everything.

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