Oakdene Vineyards Restaurant, Wallington

I used to live in Geelong during my university years, so I am no stranger to good wineries and restaurants in the region. My recent visit to Oakdene Vineyards Restaurant with hubby and my family was like a trip down memory lane for me, as we used dine there every now and then for special occasions.

This time we were all pretty hungry from a whole morning of berry picking in the sun at Gentle Annie Berry Gardens, so we all ordered an entrée and a main each, including my parents!

My entrée was an intricate ensemble of cured kingfish, avocado mousse, barbecued octopus and slivers of daikon. There was an abundance of flavours and textures contained in this delicate dish, from the firm yet springy kingfish, fluffy and airy avocado mousse to the chewy octopus pieces. Every mouthful was a delight!

Other entrées on the table were calamari in saffron and lobster cream and smoked chicken confit with a slow-cooked egg.

I must have over-estimated my appetite, because I thought my BBQ seafood risotto was going to be no sweat for me. After all, there's no quantity of seafood that I can't handle, right? Wrong! Generously piled on my plate was a substantial mound of prawns, octopus, clams and fish. The risotto itself was creamy and flavoursome, and I admit, I did eventually feel quite overwhelmed.

Other dishes ordered included thai marinated crispy spatchcock, lamb saddle and a side of roasted chat potatoes.

It was a huge internal struggle deciding whether to order dessert, but of course I gave in to my sugary desires in the end. We ordered a selection of house made ice creams and sorbets, and the flavours served up were salted caramel, mango, crème fraîche and blueberry. Apart from the salted caramel which proved too powerful for my tastebuds, everything was heavenly. I especially loved the crème fraîche ice cream which was acidic and tangy!

My greedy brother (jokes!) had a dessert of his own, which was the yuzu and white chocolate pannacotta with citrus crumbs and strawberry sorbet. 

In conclusion, we were thankful for such a fine lunch on a sunny afternoon. We had a walk around the gardens which was beautiful, as always. (Check out their cellar door, which takes the interesting form of an upside down house!) Do drop by for a fancy lunch when you're having a break from the city, you won't be disappointed with the food and relaxing atmosphere!

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