Moo's At Meeniyan, Meeniyan

After exerting ourselves during the day, we knew we needed a substantial meal to replenish our energy. We went to Fish Creek Hotel at first, but alas, due to a function the whole place was pretty much booked out. We then decided to drive another 30 minutes to Moo's At Meeniyan.

Once we entered we were greeted and seated by some very friendly staff members. After pondering over the dinner menu which was conveniently all laid out on a giant chalkboard, we both decided on the 2 courses for $40 option.

Hubby's entrée was corn and zucchini fritters with prawns and avocado salsa. I'm not usually a fritters person, so I didn't try any, but the prawns were really fresh!

That night, I went for my personal default option - seafood. My dish was a humongous yet rather muddled combination of grilled scallops, mussels, bacon and potato salad, beetroot with sprinkles of feta and pumpkin seeds. Each component was pleasant but average, and as mentioned, I wasn't too sure how they were all supposed to work together. The quantity and variety were a little overwhelming so I ended up finishing one element before moving on to the next. 

For his main, hubby ordered the duck sausages with potato mash, mushrooms and spinach in a red wine jus. Once again, it looked like quite a heavy dish to me, but hubby seemed to enjoy the sausages, which was a good sign! (He is normally very picky with those.)

My dessert was a lemon zing pudding served with vanilla ice cream. I quite enjoyed it as it was light and fluffy, though I did find it a tad too sweet. 

We didn't think the food stood out too much but we were very impressed with the service we received. The wait staff were genuine and friendly and everything we needed was promptly executed. We left feeling very contented!

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