Gem Cottage, Mornington

Last weekend, we decided to take my parents on a day trip to Mornington Peninsula. The weather was good, the sun was out, and naturally we needed some breakfast. Our first stop was Gem Cottage, a little cafĂ© situated on Main Street in Mornington.

It's been so long since I last had a chai latté! I was a little disappointed with this one because it was much too sweet. I would have preferred a little honey instead of raw sugar for a subtle sweetness. But yes, I know what you're thinking. That cup IS cool.

I must have had a meaty week, because I was hunting the menu for veggies. The decision was simple - I opted for the vegetarian breakfast consisting of toast, poached eggs, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, hash brown and tomato relish. It was pleasantly average, but I did quite like the hint of butter on the toast as well as the slight crunchiness of the hash brown.

My brother and my mom went all out - imagine having brioche french toast with a huge dollop of vanilla ice cream for breakfast! I didn't have any, but I knew it was going to be good just by the sound and sight of it.

Hubby's breakfast was the corn fritters stack with crispy bacon and sour cream. I had a little bite and found the corn to be a little lacking in flavour. 

The service we received was friendly but a little slow. We didn't really mind as we weren't in any rush but it is definitely something to consider if you just need a quick bite before exploring the rest of the region. Have a stroll after your meal, it gives you the opportunity to discover some interesting shops as well as burn off some of those calories!

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