Little Big Sugar Salt, Abbotsford

Holiday time is the best for eating out, don't you think? There's plenty of time to go wherever you want even though it's miles away! It was a weekend out with my best friend, and at first, we planned to have brunch at Three Bags Full, but of course, parking was a nightmare and the line was horribly long (still hope to try it one day though!).

In the end, we decided to go to Little Big Sugar Salt, Abbotsford which was just a couple hundred metres away. The menu was presented in a very creative manner, where dishes were arranged along a food pyramid, indicating its size and whether it was sweet or savoury.

I decided to take a break from chai and went back to hot chocolate - but with almond milk this time. I loved it made this way, it was really light but still comforting, without the overwhelming richness you sometimes get from regular hot chocolates.

I ordered this one, literally - 'this one' is the name of the dish. I was sucked in once I saw the kumara (sweet potato) hash. Other elements included cashew cream, kimchi salad and two poached eggs. I really love the unique combination of ingredients chosen, but unfortunately it wasn't executed very well. The kumara was so charred and dry I really couldn't bring myself to eat all of it. The poached eggs were a little disappointing as well, overcooked and hard in some parts. The kimchi salad was the saviour of the dish. Slightly less intense that your regular kimchi, this light and delicate version was a great brunch salad.

This was the 'secret garden' that my bestie ordered - a medley of fresh vegetables and a poached egg.

For sweets, we decided to share a cherry ripe, full of chocolate, cherry and coconut goodness. I'm glad we shared it between the two of us! I think it would still have been alright if we split it three ways.

Although my dish was a little bit of a regret, ultimately their food and general concept is very innovative. I would love to come back and try out some of their other dishes. Hopefully my experience was just an isolated case, because as far as I know, this café is well-loved by many.

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