DIY Maxi Skirt With Side Splits

Nowadays, when it comes to shopping, all I talk about is maxis, skirts and dresses alike. I've been on the hunt for several months now, and even though I'm so obsessed with them, I don't actually own many. That doesn't come as a surprise as it's always hard to find bottoms with the right length for my height.

I got this blue printed cotton lawn from Spotlight when it was on sale. It's a lightweight, breezy fabric that doesn't wrinkle too much at all after being washed and dried. Since it had been sitting in the stash for a fairly long time, I decided to turn it into a maxi skirt.

I know maxi skirt tutorials have been done to death, but it's always good to have another explanation, right?


Lightweight cotton fabric
Matching thread
1" wide elastic

What to do:

1. Cut two pieces of fabric with the following dimensions:
  • A (Width): Enough to drape across hip to hip at least 1.5 times, or hip circumference x 0.75 (add about 2 inches to allow for hemming and seam allowance)
  • B (Length): Distance between natural waist and just below ankles (add about 3 inches to allow for hemming and elastic casing)
2. Hem both long edges and one short edge on both pieces of fabric. Iron after hemming. 

3. Place the two pieces of fabric right sides together. Sew along both long edges, curving out at the points where you want the splits to start. Press both seams flat. 

4. For the elastic casing, fold down slightly more than 1" of fabric from the top. Iron, and repeat.

5. Sew all around the fold, leaving a small gap. 

6. Using a safety pin, thread the elastic through the gap in the casing. When it comes out from the other end, stitch both ends of the elastic together.

7. Sew the gap shut. 

8. Divide the gathers evenly and then stitch in the ditch in along both side seams, securing the elastic into place.

9. Turn the skirt right side out.

I like the side split detail because the skirt feels more airy and is also easier to walk in. Don't you just love maxi skirts that stop right where you want it? (As opposed to sweeping the floor..) Have fun guys!

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