Cafe Bisqui, Melbourne

During one of my days off, I followed hubby to the city, and while he went off to complete a day of hard work, I lazed and idled around the city. 8am was too early for any of the retailers to be open, so I decided to hop into a random café to chill until it was time to hit the shops.

I came across Cafe Bisqui, a serene-looking café that looked quite empty but still warm and inviting, the way I liked it. Upon entering, I was greeted by a lovely staff member who told me to take a seat anywhere I wanted. As I walked past, I caught a glimpse of delicious-looking homemade treats such as cakes and cookies on display.

Given it was such a beautiful morning, there was no reason not to indulge in my favourite breakfast drink. A smidge of honey was all it took to enhance the aromatic flavour of the chai. 

I also thought I'd play it healthy by ordering some bircher muesli for breakfast. It was a generous blend of muesli, cubed Granny Smith apples, strawberries and yoghurt drizzled with honey served with a mini-jug of milk. It was a great feeling eating something 'clean' for breakfast. 

I can't say the food is amazing because I have hardly tried anything (or to be exact, nothing that requires any cooking) but I really loved the atmosphere there that morning. I was just having spoonfuls of my muesli and taking sips from my chai while I watched the world go by. I doodled in my notebook, watched people rushing in and out to takeaway coffees, while I just sat back and relaxed. The friendliness of the staff members and the calmness of the whole place really added to the experience. 

This was the second place I had dined alone but the first time I truly enjoyed it. I hope I get the chance to come back, enjoy the same quietness and maybe sample some of their hot breakfasts. 

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