Platform 3, Carnegie

Last week, hubby and I visited Platform 3, Carnegie in an attempt to put our Entertainment Book to better use. For us, it's one of those caf├ęs that we pass by every so often, overshadowed in its little corner by all the other popular eateries like Huff Bagelry and Shyun. If it wasn't for the voucher, it would have probably sat on the to-try list for at least a few more months.

I wanted something lighter that morning, so I got myself a cup of chai. It was my first time having chai, and I'm happy to say that I liked it! I found the aromatic blend of spices quite comforting.

Hubby ordered a blend of freshly squeezed juices (the greedy man!).

I wasn't too excited by the breakfast menu, so I took a peek at the mini burgers section. There were so many tantalising choices but I finally settled on the calamari burger. When it arrived, I was absolutely charmed by its cuteness. There were tender, tasty calamari and cucumber slices wedged between brioche buns with a slice of gherkin to provide a pop of acidity. Its size was perfect for a light meal.

Hubby picked a safe breakfast option - eggs florentine. 

I also ordered potato salad as a side, which arrived a little later after my burger because they had run out. It was a nice little dish to pick at while we were finishing up our drinks. 

I really liked my experience at Platform 3. I wouldn't say that the food was amazing, but every aspect was quite good. Service was prompt and friendly (no sour faces even after presenting our 25% off voucher!) and the atmosphere was very relaxing. I can totally imagine myself here alone, with a book in one hand, hot beverage in the other, watching the world go by. In fact, I think I will come back and do that one day in the near future. 

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