Go Native, Berwick

Lately, hubby and I have been exploring Berwick, a suburb located further out south east from Melbourne. We recently visited Go Native, Berwick, an interesting eatery that serves as a café by day and restaurant by night. Upon looking at the menu, you will discover that they serve dishes from a variety of cuisines, including American, Filipino and Afghan.

I have recently developed a taste for chai latte. This was warm, sweet and spicy, just the way I liked it.

Unfortunately, as we went in the morning, we didn't have much to choose from. I decided to go with the trio of dips, which involved corn and bacon, hummus and sour cream. These were served with a generous amount of bread. The flavours were quite subtle, which made for a pleasant meal, albeit slightly unexciting. 

Hubby had the big breakfast option, and once again, the portion was quite generous. We didn't really enjoy the potatoes though, which were presumably just quartered and baked in the oven, as they were a little dry and bland.

I'm not too sure where I sit on this one. Although service was really friendly, it was also really slow. They were aware of this themselves, as I heard them apologising to every table they served, including ours. I will probably return for afternoon or dinner to try out the different cuisines. Hopefully they will have more than just two staff members serving the whole restaurant the next time!

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