DIY Wrap Skirt With Tie Waist Tutorial

Forever New pink camisole (old) || DIY floral wrap skirt || Alan Pinkus ivory silk heels (old)

The other day, I saw a beautiful tropical print wrap skirt in Forever New. It was on sale for $49.99 then, but size 4 had run out. I tried size 6 on anyway and crossed my fingers hoping for the best, but unfortunately it was just a tad too long and a tad too loose in the waist.

I came home feeling dejected, and then decided to rummage through my fabric stash for something similar. I found this flowy floral fabric (try saying that ten times!) given to me my mom years ago and decided to embark on the unforeseeable adventure of making my own.

This tutorial is really just a step-by-step of what I thought was the easiest method to make this skirt, so please let me know if you have any suggestions to make it better. I'm no sewing expert!


2 metres of lightweight fabric
Matching thread
1" wide elastic, enough to wrap snugly around the waist

What to do:

1. Cut one piece of fabric shaped as shown in the diagram, with the following dimensions:
  • Width: Enough to wrap around waist loosely at least 1.5 times (the wider the fabric, the more gathered the skirt will be)
  • Length: As long you want the skirt to be (add about 3 inches to allow for hemming and elastic casing)
  • Arc: the curvier the arc, the more prominent the crossover in the front will be

2. Hem the arc.

3. Divide the width of the fabric into three and cut.

4. This should yield three pieces of fabric with equal widths. 

5. Cut two long strips of fabric, with the following dimensions:
  • Width: Slightly wider than 1" (or slightly wider than the width of your elastic)
  • Length: About 50cm (or as long as you need to tie a ribbon)
Place right sides together and sew along both the long edges and one of the short edges. Turn inside out so that the strip sits right side out. Iron. Repeat this step.

6. Place your fabrics as shown in the diagram (all fabrics right sides together). The ribbons should sit slightly more than 2" below the top of the fabric (or slightly more than two times the width of your elastic).

7. Pin into place. 

8. Sew along both edges. Press both seams flat.  

9. For the elastic casing, fold down slightly more than 1" of fabric form the top (or slightly wider than the width of your elastic). Iron, and repeat. Sew all around, leaving a small gap.

10. Using a safety pin, thread the elastic through the gap into the casing. When it comes out from the other end, stitch both ends of the elastic together.

11. Sew the gap shut.

12. Divide the gathers evenly and then stitch in the ditch along both side seams, securing the elastic into place.

13. Turn the skirt right side out.

And there you have it, your own handmade wrap skirt with a cute tie waist detail! This pacified my desire for a wrap skirt for a few days, but then I started itching again. Either I have to continue my hunt in the shops, or I'll just have to make a few more of these!

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