The Odd Room, Cheltenham

It's been ages since hubby and I last had brunch together, so we decided to eat out on Saturday morning. We came across The Odd Room, Cheltenham, a spacious and airy café with industrial style decor situated along Bay Road.
No breakfast is complete without drinks. Pictured above are lemongrass and ginger tea (doesn't it look so elegant sitting in that flask?) and hot chocolate.

The menu wasn't extensive but somehow there were so many things I wanted to try. It was such a tough decision that I decided to go with the safest option - The Odd Brekkie (it's hard to go wrong with such a classic assembly of ingredients). The toast was perfect, the tomato and mushroom were juicy but not overly soaked, and the poached eggs were perfectly runny in the centre. The sausage in particular was so huge I couldn't finish it, even with hubby's help. 

I was happy that hubby ordered the corn fritters because it was a dish I had also been considering. We were both a little surprised when it arrived, thinking, "Are these really corn fritters?". Despite the odd shape, it was really tasty, especially in combination with the pan-fried haloumi. I would definitely order this the next time I visit.

There was also a display of tarts and cakes that I was immediately attracted to once I walked in. Cheesecakes, puddings, tarts, breads, ooh, too enticing. Unfortunately I could only pick one, so I chose the chocolate and banana tartlet, which was a delight. I have to try the lemon and coconut cheesecake one day.

The Odd Room no doubt offers great food and cheery service, which is why I think it is quite underrated. I should probably make a few more visits before everyone else discovers this little gem!

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