Music Of Our Time

Last night, in the midst of showing hubby how messy our house was (which was us going "Look at all your stuff!" and "It's YOUR stuff!" back and forth), we stumbled across a large bin liner type bag filled with things from my younger days. My parents had moved them across from Malaysia and it had probably been sitting there for at least half a year. There were plenty of sentimental belongings like autograph books, diaries, secretive notes and best of all, CDs from our time!

Before I entered my Korean pop craze, I listened to a lot of Chinese and Cantonese music, and this was mainly due to the influence of my brother. My parents used to bring us to Kenyalang Shopping Centre and Mahua Music at Sarawak Plaza every so often to pick out some CDs. At the start, only my brother would buy them and I would leech them off him, but slowly I started forming a collection of my own too. Between the both of us, we had about five deep drawers worth of CDs. That bag we found last night probably had about 30 or 40 CDs in there, most of which were mine, mixed with a few that I 'borrowed' from my brother.

Hubby used to listen to the same type of music too, so we were scanning each album, pointing out the songs that we thought were the best from the album. We laid on our bean bag, stuck our noses in the lyric books and listened to all the old hits one by one. We would listen to one of our favourite songs and realise with astonishment, "Hey! This song is 12 years old now!"

Music. Last night I was once again reminded of its magic. It's not like clothes or furniture or many other things whose beauty is largely defined by its visuals. Its beauty can only be experienced by listening and feeling it with your heart. Last night's experience was even more precious because it was mixed with so many fond memories.

If you need a walk down memory lane, I suggest you pull out your old CDs and playlists and listen to all the songs that once signified a story in your life, and hopefully, you'd be lucky enough like me to experience that warm, fuzzy feeling of nostalgia in your heart.

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